Day 1 – My Year in Photos

Full Disclosure: I had to click on “Forgot Password” when I attempted to Login to WordPress. And if you couldn’t tell from the amazing design (ie. free WordPress default) this is my First Official Blog Post! Are you excited? I am. You should be. 

I’ve blogged for years for other people, you may know the drill, they give you a topic and then you have to write 300-600 words on something you could care less about and make it sound fascinating. I much prefer to write about things I know. Things I’m passionate about. For years I’ve been {loudly} telling my stories to anyone who will listen (Well, listen and laugh. If you don’t laugh at my stories we can’t be friends.) but I never got around to actually starting that blog. So thank  you Think Kit for lighting my blogging fire, here goes nothing.

To learn more about Think Kit and join the party, check out this link:

2013 was the year I followed my passions. Between graduating from IU in May 2001 to going back to work full-time in January 2013; I had married, bought 2 homes, and been blessed with 3 children. It’s safe to say, I hadn’t taken much time to even contemplate my passions, let alone follow them. This year helped me discover what really matters most to me. Here they are in chronological order.

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 10.12.43 PM

The magic that is Butler Basketball.

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 8.44.57 PM

“Before I die…I want to be the first female president.” -Sammy Williams (age 7) 

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 8.43.51 PM

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 10.22.13 PM


Kicked off my favorite month of the year by training my 11-year-old (yep, 11!) to run his first Indy Mini with me. He crushed it with a time of 2:20. Freaking love that grin. 


Who does’t love the little plastic race helmet? Indy 500 Race #15 with Jason Williams. 

(I pretty much only married him for his seats.)


12th anniversary at the gun range. It was my year to plan. No, I’m not passionate about guns, but nothing says,                            “surprise babe!” like pulling into Pop’s Guns. 


My whole crew planning their future rock band, The Blue Tongues. 


If the assignment was to pick 1 photo of the year, this one would have been in the running. Passed her swim test. First time. Now she can go down the slides with the “big kids.” If you need a poster child for the face of success, this is it. 


[Photo by Jason Chapman]

This is the year I found myself at home in India. 


Celebrating my beautiful grandparent’s 65th wedding anniversary! True love. 


Perfect day outdoors in October in Garfield Park. Love these kids, love this town. 


Picture #167 on the bulldog statue. From watching Jason play games in college (and drunkenly heckling the opposing team’s bench), to always having the oldest kid at the tailgate, so many memories at Hinkle Fieldhouse and The Butler Bowl. 


Remember, when all else fails, eat a cupcake. 


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