Day 2 – Pet Poll

Day #2, a couple hours earlier than Day #1, so hopefully I can keep trending upward. Today’s assignment: Take a poll and share the results.

Because I started at 8:50pm after the munchkins went down and because I am now the proud (crazy, stupid, overwhelmed) owner of both a cat and a dog, I threw up a quick poll on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 10.05.21 PM

After heading over to YouTube to watch some Dodge Durango commercials starring Ron Burgandy (watch them, seriously, you will laugh) I checked back into my poll and had 21 responses, don’t you just love social media? It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and loved.

Dogs won by a pretty good margin 12-7. No big surprise there. With 1 vote for “both” and 1 vote for “fish.” I’ve been a cat owner for almost 6 years, procured as a consolation pet for our son when he was in kindergarten. I’ve been a pound puppy owner for just a few months, brought home to fulfill a promise I made years ago that we would get a dog when our youngest turned 5 (what was I thinking? I must have been sleep deprived!), and I’ve decided that both have their virtues and vices.

Here is just a short list of the things I have learned:

A cat will poop in a litter box…a puppy will poop in your house, and eat it. (We even tried a product called “Stool Eating Deterrent”, apparently this is a big problem for dogs.)

A puppy comes to you when you call…a cat does not even acknowledge you’ve given them a name.

A cat will eat cat food when it’s hungry…a puppy will eat everything in sight all the time (shoes, quarters, mini blinds, table legs, underwear, pillows, paper, sharp objects…)

A puppy loves to please you…a cat loves to ignore you.

A cat will teach you to lie around on the couch and do nothing…a puppy will teach you to run in the park every morning at 6am.

A puppy is expensive…a cat, not so much. (The sum total I’ve spent on this cat in 6 years is less than I’ve spent on this dog in 6 weeks!)

Stepping in cat vomit is very bad….but stepping in dog diarrhea is much much worse.

Neither animal has any respect for personal space (because they love you so much they must always be physically touching you!)

Last but not least…my house will never be totally clean, fresh smelling or hair free again!

To learn more about Think Kit and join the party, check out this link:


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