Day 5 – Talk to Someone (or 3 little someones)

Day 5 – Interview at least one other person about their favorite moments of the year. Share what you heard.

When I read this prompt I immediately wanted to interview my kids. Kids are some of my favorite people to have conversations with. They aren’t bound by any social niceties, they just say what they think. I love it. On top of that, kids are hilarious. My 3 are always saying things that make me stop and laugh out loud.

Side note: I’m constantly asking my non-parent friends what they do for entertainment, but they assure me they’re doing quite well amusing themselves without children.

Conveniently I interviewed my children while they were held captive in the car on the way home from a Christmas concert. It was late. They were tired. I was not above bribery.

Interview #1 – Ally (age 5)

Me: “What was your best memory from this year?”

Ally: “What’s a memory?”

Me: “A memory is something you remember, that you liked doing, that was special for you. What was your favorite thing you did ALL year?”

Ally: “Playing hide and seek and going to the Y pool with Katie. Yep, definitely Katie.”

Katie was our summer sitter. Ouch. I mean, awesome that she loved her so much but still. I took care of this kid 24/7 for the first 4 1/2 years of her life and her favorite moments of the whole year were with the sitter? No jealousy or mom guilt happening right now. None. At. All.


Interview #2 – Sammy (age 8)

Me: “What was your best moment or favorite thing about this whole year?”

Dead silence.

Me: “Honey are you sleeping?” I turn around and look. Scrunched down in her seat, eyes closed, little smirk on her face. “I know you’re not sleeping.”

Sammy: “I went to the bathroom.”

Me: “Come on Sam, if you answer me I’ll drive through Wendy’s.”

Sammy: “Um, what Ally said. Can I have chicken nuggets?”

Me: “Come on, give me something.”

Sammy: “Camp. Camp was great. Especially the zip line.”

Well good to hear that the super expensive week of camp paid off.

By the way, when did summer camp get so ridiculously expensive? I guess about the same time they started putting in zip lines…the insurance alone on those things has got to cost a pretty penny.

Interview #3 – Jack (age 11)

Me: “Ok Jack, your turn. What were the highlights of your year?”

Jack: “Thanksgiving.”

Me: “That was last week buddy, dig a little deeper. Think about all the cool fun things we did this year.”

Jack (whining): “M-o-m, a year is a LONG time to remember! (Getting excited now) Oh, oh, oh, I got it! Getting an interception during Border Wars!”

My son’s one true love is football and he finally made the All Star team in his last year of rec league. The Border Wars interception was a TOTAL FLUKE. He had no idea that ball was even coming. He turned around and the ball hit him square in the chest. The look on his face was priceless, he was completely shocked. It was totally awesome. He held onto it and even gained a few yards.


 Defensive Player of the Game (Jack is the one in the middle)

So there you have it folks, the best moments of the year from my three favorite little people. I hope it made you smile.


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