Day 10 – Two out of Three Ain’t Bad

Day 10 – What habits did you start this year that you want to continue?

It’s really more like two out of five ain’t bad, but given the chance to quote classic Meatloaf lyrics, I’m going to take it every time.


So yeah, I’ve missed a few days recently. Blogging was the BIG habit I’ve been wanting to start not just this year, but for many years now. And even though we are in the final days of 2013, I am glad I didn’t put it off any longer. So many times that happens with healthy habits. We have good intentions, maybe even a plan, but we wait around for the perfect time to get started. Always making excuses along the way.

The opposite is true with bad habits. We fall right back into their trap with no thought at all. Then we often have to fight to dig ourselves back out again.

If you believe in the old myth that it takes just 21 days to form a habit (which is officially debunked here), then by the end of this 31-day writing challenge, I should be able to count daily blogging among my 2014 habits.

Probably not realistic. But I do plan to write something, somewhere, every day next year. Even if it’s just in my journal or a bathroom stall (just kidding Mom, I promise to never deface public property!) I have found over the years that writing focuses me, centers me, and helps me work through my thoughts.

So thank you Think Kit for helping me to start a habit this year that I want to continue. It’s a lot healthier than falling asleep at 1am in front of the tv.


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